“Building Trust in the Untrusted World”, the decentalized blockchain technology revolutionalizes how governments, business enterprises and people interact and conduct business with transparency, immutability, enhanced security. It offers unlimited business opportunities with global market reach.

A key element of in the digital transformation, it promises to radically transform many industry verticals from gaming/entertainment to fintech/stock trading, telehealth/wellness, non-profit/charity fund raise and many others.

Secure Wallets

Designing a secured blockchain e-wallets in mobile APPs has been a key challenge blockchain industry.

Aether Games is proud to be ONE of 1st platforms fully-integrated with secured mobile APP and WebAPP enabling end-users to engage ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.


Go global with one of our 1st bold innovations : A blockchain entertainment platform, paired with secured APP in your palms with intuitive UI/UX with exciting prizes.

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What is


Founded in late 2018, Aether is made up of a team of technology professionals, successful business leaders and serial start-up entrepreneurs with a wealth of experiences geographically cut across the regions, from North America to APAC.

A team that is absolutely passionate about Blockchain and what it will bring to the business enterprises and people at large. Aether team is strong believer of Blockchain, making Blockchain a religion among the team members and associates.

It became very clear to the Aether team that Blockchain is such a power platform, an underlying force that can propel the digital transformation and innovations along with big data, artificial intelligence, clouding computing, IoT and etc.

With input from leaders and industry champions, Aether decided to make the 1st foray into the gaming/entertainment sector with an aim to prove to the market, investors and ourselves that Aether Can Do and Blockchain works. Within 4 months, Aether team was able to develop and demo an innovative MVP Minimum Viable Product- Blockchain lotto to some of the key industry leaders.

To take advantage Blockchain’s special characteristics and properties , Aether is committed to an innovative development program to extend its coverage to other verticals such as fintech, telehealth/wellness, supply chain and others.

Stay tuned for more on blockchain applications on different verticals and enterprises.



  • To be an active contributor in eco-system that drives digital transformation forward using Blockchain as the underlying technology.
  • To be a socially responsible organization that delivers sustainable and innovative solutions that are disruptive with direct impact to people and businesses.


  • Ramp-up quickly to deliver a disruptive Blockchain based mobile gaming/entertainment platform with a totally integrated service solution targeting business partners globally as the 1st entry to the Blockchain eco-system.
  • To engage investors community with attractive investment opportunities to take part in the Blockchain revolution based on specific committed development products/services programs. And roadmap.



Post-MVP, Aether team continued to work on a blockchain based mobile lotto, an out-of-the-box feature rich vertically integrated blockchain lotto. One that empowers business partners to expand and extent their respective market reach and to provide enhancements and value-adds to their new or existing customer base.

PLAY, Aether Games’ kick butt apps has been developed with the following attributes:

  • Secured
  • Reliable & Scalable
  • Players controlled wallets on wager and winning directly without purchasing tokens/chips
  • Fair & transparent to the players/end-users customers
  • Supportable with a purpose built AMS Aether Management System for OAM
  • Compliant to the licensing authorities
  • Seamless &b consistent UX/UI on different mobile apps ( O/S) and webapps
  • Fully-autonomous and manipulation-proof gaming experience

PLAY has completed the beta test in early 2020 receiving great reviews by international participants across the regions.



Many 1’s in Aether Games’ Play

1st complete vertically integrated platform for Blockchain lotto with a purpose built administration manager that provides OAM capabilities and all the business management and business intelligence feature functionality.

  • 1st blockchain lottery that supports B2B, B2C and B2B2C business models
  • 1st blockchain mobile lottery that can be played by anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • 1st blockchain mobile lottery that is certified and licensed
  • 1st blockchain mobile apps that the players have full control of their wallets
  • 1st blockchain mobile apps lotto using a certified RNG that is integrated in the platform
  • 1st blockchain mobile lottery that the winning will be deposited in the ticket holders’ wallets directly without checking


A unique Random Number Generator

Aether has developed a unique Random Number Generator as part of the Play built. Aether RNG, known as RAENDOM©, has been certified under very stringent industry standards by BMM, a leading global independent gaming laboratory in May, 2020. It allows Aether to deliver Play that is consistent with our product values, ie, fair, transparent and secured.


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  • Proliferation of mobile gaming (USD70+ billion) industry and Gaming industry (USD500+ billion)
  • Aether Games 2+years established know-how and intellectual properties for impending market shift to blockchain technology
  • One stop shop with hassle-free "Blockchain-in-a-box" enterprise platform for partners


  • Be the first mover with us as the 1st blockchain mobile lotto app
  • Improve compliance-readiness with our 100% accountable solution
  • Create new revenue streams effortlessly



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