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Founded in late 2018, Aether is made up of a team of technology professionals, successful business leaders and serial start-up entrepreneurs with a wealth of experiences geographically cut across the regions, from North America to APAC.

A team that is absolutely passionate about Blockchain and what it will bring to the business enterprises and people at large. Aether is strong believer of Blockchain and making Blockchain a religion among the team members and associates.

It became very clear to the Aether team that Blockchain is such a powerful platform, an underlying force that can propel digital transformation and innovations along with big data, artificial intelligence, clouding computing, IoT and more.

With input from leaders and industry champions, Aether decided to make the 1st foray into the gaming and entertainment sector with an aim to prove to the market, investors and ourselves that Aether Can Do and that Blockchain works. Within 4 months, the Aether team was able to develop and demo an innovative Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Blockchain lotto to some of key industry leaders.

To take advantage Blockchain’s special characteristics and properties, Aether is committed to an innovative development program to extend its coverage to other verticals such as fintech, telehealth & wellness, supply chain and beyond.

Stay tuned for more on blockchain applications on different verticals and enterprises.



  • To be an active contributor in eco-system that drives digital transformation forward using Blockchain as the underlying technology.
  • To be a socially responsible organization that delivers sustainable and innovative solutions that are disruptive with direct impact to people and businesses.


  • Ramp-up quickly to deliver a disruptive Blockchain based mobile gaming/entertainment platform with a totally integrated service solution targeting business partners globally as the 1st entry to the Blockchain eco-system.
  • To engage investors community with attractive investment opportunities to take part in the Blockchain revolution based on specific committed development products/services programs. And roadmap.


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